Pragmatic Marketing Course

I attended the Pragmatic Marketing‘s Practical Product Management and Requirements That Work seminars as part of my continuing skills development at PGP. As my work with PGP has been my first product management gig it’s been tough to know if I’m really focusing on the right things, especially in the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants world of startups. If nothing else, the seminars both served to re-focus my thinking, and provide some assurance that, yes Virginia, being a PM is always a work-in-progress, no matter where you’re working.

The course pointed to a number of resources that I thought I would share, including a large number of business strategy textbooks for specific topics:

In addition to pointing to two different articles (On Reqs and Specs, Writing the Marketing Requirements Document) on the Pragmatic Marketing web site, the instructor also pointed to Joel’s excellent article on Painless Functional Specifications.

I’ll be wading through some of this material over the coming weeks. Overall, I was pleased with the course – highly recommended.