This book, originally published in June 2002, is provided for historical reference. Since the time of publication, Project JXTA has moved on, died, and been resurrected. The material and samples are not representative of the current state of JXTA, and are highly unlikely to run. Nevertheless, it may provide a reader with a good cursory introduction to concepts of peer-to-peer programming.


JXTA presents the next step in the evolution of the peer-to-peer paradigm’s development into a mature technology suitable for creating enterprise solutions. Project JXTA, an open source project spearheaded by Sun Microsystems, has developed a set of XML-based protocols to manage the common interactions required to create ad-hoc P2P networks, including peer discovery, firewall traversal, data exchange, and segmentation of the network space.

About the Book

This page hosts the final PDFs and example code for my book “JXTA” available from New Riders. This book presents a guided tour of the JXTA platform, including all of the critical information required to begin producing P2P solutions built on top of JXTA. Reference information on each of the JXTA protocols provides an understanding of the underlying principles of P2P networking, and examples built on the JXTA reference implementation provide the hands-on experience necessary to become fluent in JXTA technology.

All examples in the book use the JXTA reference implementation written in Java, allowing the example code to be run on any device with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), thereby reaching the largest possible development audience. To download the Java 2 SDK Standard Edition for Windows 2000, or a number of other platforms, go to and download the appropriate SDK for your operating system. For Mac users, a Mac implementation of the Java 2 Standard Edition SDK is available from, but only for users of the Mac OS X operating system.

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is targeted at software developers doing peer-to-peer application development who are interested in detailed information on the JXTA platform technologies and concepts. This book assumes an intermediate level of Java development knowledge, and basic knowledge of networking. Those developers not familiar with Java should still be able to understand and run the book’s example code with a minimum of difficulty.

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