Coming for Tea

Just a heads up to my British friends (or those in the neighborhood) – I’ll be coming to London at the end of April to attend Infosecurity Europe. My itinerary has me landing on April 21 (Saturday), and I’ll be around until the following Sunday.

Who wants to hit the pub?

A Case of Mistaken Identity, Pt. II

A couple of years ago, an Egyptian teenager mistook me for Brendan Fraser through a botched Google search. I thought it was cute, so I blogged about it.

That was the end of it, at least so I thought, until I saw this comment on the post:

I was just sitting doing nothing one day, and I don’t know what made me go to some search site, and I typed my name in the search box. I got a few results, but one result actually had my full name in it. That result was this page I’m in now…

I read that little blog from you, and wow!! I can’t describe how I felt. I was that little kid back then. It’s me Ramy Al-Reedy, from Egypt, and so on.

As I was reading your blog, I was amazed. I don’t know who you are, I haven’t even looked at the rest of the website. (I promise I will after I finish writing this reply.) But the point is, knowing that someone out there once got an email from a little kid by mistake, and that this incident turned into a memory to him, this is something that put a big smile on my face. Maybe a smile which I needed at this point of time, and out of no where, undescribably (if spelt correctly) this happened.

I know that this little blog, is little to you, but it means a lot to me, that you were giving a shout to the actor or his agents, just to make the little kid smile.

I read that this incident made you feel sad. Don’t be sad my friend, in fact you made my day. Maybe this actor today means nothing to me, but you’re someone I look forward to get in touch with.

I have no idea about the date you wrote this blog, but I sure hope that somehow, someday you get this reply.

God bless the Internet.

What’s funny about this chance encounter is that I ended up actually running into Brendan Fraser’s father during my MBA at UBC. He’s a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade. I told him about Ramy Al-Reedy’s attempt to reach his Brendan Fraser, on the off chance he would pass it along to his son. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.