A Case of Mistaken Identity, Pt. II

A couple of years ago, an Egyptian teenager mistook me for Brendan Fraser through a botched Google search. I thought it was cute, so I blogged about it.

That was the end of it, at least so I thought, until I saw this comment on the post:

I was just sitting doing nothing one day, and I don’t know what made me go to some search site, and I typed my name in the search box. I got a few results, but one result actually had my full name in it. That result was this page I’m in now…

I read that little blog from you, and wow!! I can’t describe how I felt. I was that little kid back then. It’s me Ramy Al-Reedy, from Egypt, and so on.

As I was reading your blog, I was amazed. I don’t know who you are, I haven’t even looked at the rest of the website. (I promise I will after I finish writing this reply.) But the point is, knowing that someone out there once got an email from a little kid by mistake, and that this incident turned into a memory to him, this is something that put a big smile on my face. Maybe a smile which I needed at this point of time, and out of no where, undescribably (if spelt correctly) this happened.

I know that this little blog, is little to you, but it means a lot to me, that you were giving a shout to the actor or his agents, just to make the little kid smile.

I read that this incident made you feel sad. Don’t be sad my friend, in fact you made my day. Maybe this actor today means nothing to me, but you’re someone I look forward to get in touch with.

I have no idea about the date you wrote this blog, but I sure hope that somehow, someday you get this reply.

God bless the Internet.

What’s funny about this chance encounter is that I ended up actually running into Brendan Fraser’s father during my MBA at UBC. He’s a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade. I told him about Ramy Al-Reedy’s attempt to reach his Brendan Fraser, on the off chance he would pass it along to his son. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.