Jobs’ Keynote as a Greek Chorus

BoingBoing arranged to capture the running commentary on His Jobness’ WWDC 2008 Keynote on the #boingboing IRC channel. As a greek chorus. The results are hilarious – I even make a couple of appearances (writing as “Rogan”):

JOBS: In extra-dimensional realms beyond your fleshy ken, the gods mellifluously speak through crystalline conches–a far cry from your ‘blogs,’ monkey men. (Contemptuously) Blogs. A strange sheep-like bleating. A bovine cut-and-paste. Oh, I will give you your blogs, filth beasts. I will give you them! BEHOLD! Birthed of my seed in the belly of my own daughter, TYPEPAD… FOR BLOGGING ON THE GO!

CHORUS (Rogan): TypePad on iPhone: Now you can have people ignore posts you write anywhere!