The Comedy Network Inadvertantly Advertises Porn Site

The other night while The Comedy Network (the Canadian equivalent of Comedy Central), I spotted an odd “Emergency Alert System” warning (see the video). I couldn’t quite put my finger on it why it struck me as odd until I realized I hadn’t seen an emergency warning since I left the US. In fact, I couldn’t recall seeing any type of emergency system warning in Canada. Ever.

And then my wife noted that the URL specified at the end of the alert led to a porn site. Whoops!

It turns out, some clever/enterprising/unscrupulous operator has hit upon an unusual opportunity. It turns out that the emergency alert was actually a commercial for a new show called Hotbox , and the associated URL for the show (www.hotbox/ is incorrect. If the user enters this URL, then the user’s browser will attempt to correct the malformed URL into “” – which is a porn site. New versions of the commercial attempted to correct the URL to; however, this is still prime for a unique typing error – if the user simply mistypes the URL as “hotbox/” they’ll end up at the same porn site.

Now, this could all be a coincidence/an error. But it’s especially funny given the faux Emergency Alert/ad states a “hotbox warning” is in effect for several towns with somewhat rude names: Shag Harbour, Crotch Lake, Little Bullhead, Beaverlodge.

How Rogers Should Have Marketed the iPhone

It is with a certain amount of cynicism that the geek hordes sized up Rogers‘ newly unveiled teaser campaign for the forthcoming iPhone 3G. Nothing like a teaser for a product that was just announced to the world at the Apple WWDC on Tuesday.

How tragic. True, Rogers is being handed an effective monopoly (i.e. more than usual) for the world’s hottest mobile device, and has even announced what’s going to be released. But that’s no reason to half-ass the marketing. Jobs must be having an aneurysm.

This is what they should have done instead:
How Rogers Should Have Marketed the iPhone


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