PGP Global Directory OpenSearch Plugin

The PGP Global Directory OpenSearch Plugin in action!I’ve been enjoying the past couple of weeks tinkering on a number of personal projects, and came across the OpenSearch capabilities of Firefox while researching Firefox extension development.

For most users, the most visible manifestation of OpenSearch is the “search engine” feature of the browser, which allows the user to add additional search engines to their browser’s search field. This allows you to easily perform searches on Google, Amazon, and many others, directly from the search bar in Firefox (as well as Internet Explorer 7, with some caveats).

Intrigued, I built a little OpenSearch implementation: the PGP Global Directory OpenSearch Plugin. This OpenSearch plugin allows you to search for OpenPGP public keys hosted by the PGP Global Directory, right from your web browser. It’s not especially useful, but it was a fun diversion I thought I’d share. Enjoy!