New Layout

At Boris‘ request, I thought I’d post a quick entry on the new site layout I put live yesterday. Why a new layout? Why the hell not?

My site through the agesWell, to be honest, that’s not the only reason. I was getting tired of the old layout – it’s been relatively unchanged since 2001 – and wanted something new. So, ta-da, here it is. The content itself is unchanged, due to the wonder that is “separating presentation from content” achieved using SSI and various templates. I actually wanted to take it a step further and redo the templates to use CSS, but damned if CSS just doesn’t play well with others. The main change is that the site takes up all available screen real estate, as opposed to only occupying a fixed width strip down the center.

I usually redesign my site once a year, just to keep it a little interesting, change things around, and otherwise waste a bunch of time. Websites: a blackhole for your spare time. That’s catchy. I should really trademark that.

There, happy Boris? Comment away!