Hmm, That Looks Familiar

Nothing pisses me off like a rip-off artist.

I usually review the logs for my site on a daily basis, checking to see who’s hitting the site, and where they’re coming from. Today I noticed an odd hit originating from Gordon Edall‘s web site. Edall, apparently a videographer/writer from Toronto, decided he liked my site so much he’d duplicate it to promote himself.


My site in different clothingDown to the layout, most of the color scheme, and even the names of styles in the Cascading Style Sheet.

To Mr. Edall: Though I understand the difficulty of coming up with your own “look”, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t steal mine.

Needless to say, I will be contacting him shortly.

Update: I contacted Gordon Edall regarding his web site. He was a little surprised that I had already learned about his site, but explained that his site was simply a “test” using Dreamweaver. He promised to take it down in a week.