How Rogers Should Have Marketed the iPhone

It is with a certain amount of cynicism that the geek hordes sized up Rogers‘ newly unveiled teaser campaign for the forthcoming iPhone 3G. Nothing like a teaser for a product that was just announced to the world at the Apple WWDC on Tuesday.

How tragic. True, Rogers is being handed an effective monopoly (i.e. more than usual) for the world’s hottest mobile device, and has even announced what’s going to be released. But that’s no reason to half-ass the marketing. Jobs must be having an aneurysm.

This is what they should have done instead:
How Rogers Should Have Marketed the iPhone

Amateurs. Downtime Cost

Amazon.comThe web is aflutter with being offline for the better part of several hours – it got me and Boris thinking: just how much is this costing them?

The answer is simple: about $33.96 in revenue per second (or a modest $122,260.27 an hour), based on’s $10.71 billion dollar revenues in 2007. Which translates into a lost profit, based on annual profit figures of $190 million, of $6.02 per second (or $21,689.50 an hour).