Singularity Summit II

Looks like someone liked my writeup from last year’s Singularity Summit, because Ashley and I managed to score tickets to this year’s event. Oh, and Peter Thiel’s party. Yah!

This year’s lineup of speakers is quite different from last year. Whereas last year, I knew a fair number of speakers, their work, and their opinions, I’m quite clueless about many of this year’s speakers. That might be a good thing – while I’m not a huge follower of the singularity “community” as it were, many of the things I heard last year were not very surprising. Expanding the net to capture new speakers will give me the opportunity to see what other perspectives and work exist in the field.

(That, and I won’t have to listen to Douglas Hofstadter railing against Ray Kurzweil in thinly veiled personal attacks.)