Election Insanity

Last night, the local news ran a story about a couple who were seriously considering moving to Canada if the election didn’t go the “right” way (not sure if there is a right way). Canada wasn’t the only place they were considering; they were apparently doing a lot of research, and Canada and Costa Rica were amongst the top candidates (good to know that Canada ranks right up there with Costa Rica). There’s only one problem: they apparently were under the mistaken impression that they could simply apply for Canadian citizenship.

Uh. Waitaminute.

Speaking as an Australian-born immigrant to Canada with an American wife who recently gained her Permanent Residence status in Canada, all I can say is: huh? I don’t know what these guys were smoking! The only way to become a citizen in Canada is to first gain Permanent Residence status, and then apply for citizenship after having lived in Canada for at least three years.

Rewind that for second: permanent residence status required, three years residence required.

Seriously, you’d think Canada was handing out citizenship like candy. Don’t get me wrong – we’re friendly, but we’re not that friendly. We didn’t make it that easy during Vietnam, and hell, that was a draft for a war. And don’t try the whole “political refugee” angle either; if it didn’t work for that guy wanted for marijuana possession, it won’t work for people who don’t like how the election turns out.