REMOTE User Guide

The following tutorials provide general REMOTE Simulator information, which will teach you how to install the simulator, and get started using the simulator's features to create and run simulation files, as well as control the simulation's display.   

Advanced Features

REMOTE allows you to simulate any robot from a set of 3D files, and a file detailing its Denavit-Hartenberg parameters, and a simple inverse-kinematics class.  The following sections show how to create a new robot configuration file and load it into the REMOTE Simulator.   

Extending REMOTE

In the future, developers may wish to extend the capabilities of REMOTE themselves, adding support for different robot definition languages, programming languages, and model interpreters.  The following sections provide developers with information on the various APIs used by REMOTE to provide language and model support.   

Release Notes

This section details the software license, copyrights of the REMOTE Simulator, any known bugs, and planned features which will be released in the future.   
Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Brendon Wilson.
All Rights Reserved.