Advanced REMOTE Features

More than likely users will not be interested in performing simulations using the default robot provided by REMOTE; however, REMOTE provides a mechanism to allow users to define new robots, which they can use to perform simulations. 

Creating a New Robot Configuration

In order to create a new robot configuration, users will need to create a 3D file for each of the robot links, and place them in the REMOTE root directory.  Using the default robot definition language, users can define the link parameters for their robot, using the language's reserved words: 
UP-AXIS {X, Y or Z} The axis which will be set as "up" in the simulation viewport.
ROTATION A rotation angle around the "up" axis, for initial presentation of robot in simulation viewport.
ZOOM The initial viewport zoom factor.
INVKIN The name of the inverse kinematics class for the robot.
SRC {file} Provides the location of the physical model file (in REMOTE directory) for the joint.
MODELPARSER {modelparser}  Specifies which parser should be used to read the model file.
LENGTH {link length}  Provides the link length. 
DOF {number of degrees}  Specifies the number of degrees of freedom in the current joint.
NAME {name}  Specifies a name for the current degree of freedom. 
TYPE {REVOLUTE, PRISMATIC, or INANIMATE}  Specifies if the current degree of freedom as revolute, prismatic, or inanimate. 
OFFSET {link offset}  Specifies the integer link offset.
TWIST {link twist}  Specifies the integer link twist (in degrees). 
MIN {minimum}  Specifies the minimum value for the degree of freedom. 
MAX {maximum}  Specifies the maximum value for the degree of freedom. 
HOME {home}  Specifies the home value for the degree of freedom.
DOF-END End of the degree of freedom definition.
JOINT-END End of the joint definition.
END End of the robot definition.
The user's robot definition file must be put into the /rbt directory, in order for REMOTE to find it.  For an examples of a robot definition file, see scorbot.rbt in the /rbt directory. 

Creating the Robot's Inverse Kinematics

The inverse kinematics object allows the simulator to figure out the joint variables require to reach a specified x,y,z endpoint.  The class which defines the API for the inverse kinematics in REMOTE is called  The default inverse kinematics object for the Scorbot which accompanies REMOTE is called, and it implements the abstract methods that InvKin defines.  In order to complete a new robot configuration, users will need to create a subclass of InvKin which implements InvKin's abstract methods. 

Loading a Robot Configuration

A new configuration can be loaded using the "Set Robot" item under the "Options" menu.  Note that in order to cause this robot configuration to be loaded by REMOTE automatically in the future, you must select "Save Configuration" to save the configuration. 


Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Brendon Wilson.
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