Known Bugs

As REMOTE is still under development, users are warned to expect the unexpected.  Should you discover a bug, or even find a feature that doesn't seem to operate the way you think it should, please email me with the details. 

Slow Application Performance

At present, the bleeding-edge nature of the technology and libraries employed by REMOTE means that code is not performance-tuned.  As these libraries move towards final release, it is expected that the performance of REMOTE will improve. 

Screen Redrawing Causes Flickering

Sometimes when the entire application screen is redrawn, users may notice flickering, or be able to see the underlying desktop.  This is currently a bug in Swing, and is being corrected by Sun. 

Inverse Kinematics Incorrect

The default inverse kinematics for the Scorbot simulation provided with REMOTE has not been fully tested, and may not place the end effector at the correct point. I'm currently working on testing the inverse kinematics more completely. 

Missing Toolbar Button Image

Sometimes, one or more of the toolbar button images are not loaded properly, and the button appears smaller than the other buttons, and blank.  It appears this is caused by lack of memory, but is still under investigation. 

Help Frame Window Sized Incorrectly

When users attempt to use the on-line help, the help window may be sized incorrectly, or may not display properly.  This problem will be fixed when REMOTE incorporates the JHelp system to provide a proper help environment; the current on-line help information is not current, and will be replaced once the new help system is implemented. 

Graceless Application Stalls and Exits

Users who attempt to incorporate third-party parsers into REMOTE may find that their modules cause REMOTE to print only a simple error message, and either exit, or possibly pause the application.  The robustness of the REMOTE Simulator will be improved as development continues. 


Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Brendon Wilson.
All Rights Reserved.