Installing the PGP Global Directory Search Plugin

This is a simple OpenSearch plugin for PGP Global Directory that allows the user to perform PGP Global Directory Searches directly from the Firefox search box.

To install this search plugin:

  1. Be sure that you're running Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
  2. Edit this HTML file and alter the links with the location where you will be deploying the XML, PNG, and ICO files
  3. Place this HTML file and the associated XML, PNG, and ICO files on a public web site - you cannot install this plugin from a local folder!
  4. Load this HTML file from the public web site
  5. Click this link and agree to load the search engine; alternatively, you can click the pulsing blue arrow in the search text box and choose 'Add "PGP Global Directory Search"'

Alternatively, you can copy the pgp-global-directory-opensearch.xml file into your Firefox profile directory's searchplugins subdirectory.